about me


Marcello was born in Italy and grew up in Lake Maggiore.

He gradueted in foreign languages and start to travel for work in 2002. His passion for travelling and the need to know different cultures brought him around the world and became a style of life. “Travelling is a way to escape reality, wondering how people leave thousend of kilometers from my hometown. In the end I found out that our planet is a constellation of little worlds, every of those full of their own cultures, habits, smiles and tears.

Everyone is so different, but in the end we are all so similar with our stories, doubt and fears”.

Marcello tries to find beauty in every spot, clear or hidden. Even uglyness is beauty if seen from another point of view.

The magic is in the eye of the observer. 

Most of his pictures comes from his travels, but sometimes are taken just around the corner. Sometimes he is attracted by shapes, sometimes by the games of the lights, sometimes just because something was funny.

“I hope you all can see the world through my eyes”